"Enter freely and of your own will. Come freely. Go safely. And leave something of the happiness you bring." - Count Dracula, May 5, 1897

August 27, 2011

Welcome to the Gallery

Life after life, a noble pursuit, but how often it can take a fiendish turn. Some like Victor Frankenstein, seek it to better mankind and conquer death and yet find the price is more than they bargained for. Some like Lucy Westenra answer it's seductive call, only to have it end sooner that anticipated. And some, like M. Valdemar have it thrust upon them unaware of the horrors that await from the other side. Many a tale from folklore or literature tells of the dead returning to life in some form. There are servants. There are masters. And there are those who have no idea they have returned and just blindly satisfy their cravings.

The theme is chosen from a song, Life After Life, from the short lived, Dracula - The Musical, by Frank Wildhorn, Don Black, and Chistopher Hampton. Interestingly enough, it is now experiencing it's own life after death, as the soundtrack has resurfaced on itunes due to growing interest. The song is sung by Dracula and Lucy as he raises her from her grave to join him in a new life. I also think the theme is quite fitting as many of us out there are finding ourselves, in the last few years, reinventing our own lives and careers as we seek for new jobs, skills, education, homes, friends, families, and people to trust. Perhaps these horrifyingly human experiences can be translated into the fantastic and macabre through creative expression and media.

This year's theme covers a broad spectrum of chilling images, characters, and deeds. We invite you to share your favorite adventures of Life after Life. Please feel free to submit your entries to me by sending them to my email account. Include a title, and your name (if you would like credit) and any explanation or text that you would like to accompany the piece. I will upload the entries to the gallery page. The Gallery accepts artwork, photography, literature (prose or poetry), video, and music. Please remember that this is a site is open to all ages, so entries should be suitable for children. Entries will be accepted starting October 1, 2011.

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